PhD Program
Opens September 2024


Oxyopia Spring Lectures

Oxyopia is a seminar series featuring lectures on basic, clinical, and applied research in vision.

Using Eye Movements to Diagnose Brain Health

Inside the Lab of Dr. Jorge Otero-Millan.

ViSUR Testimonials

Read what past participants had to say about the ViSUR program.

Our Vision, Our Future

A campaign initiated by the transformational $50 million gift from the Wertheim Family Foundation.

Berkeley Scientists Discover Retinal Cells that Help Stabilize Our World View

The discovery will enable researchers to better understand eye movement disorders that cause significant visual impairment.

ViSUR Application Now Open

Apply to the Vision Science Undergraduate Research (ViSUR) program by February 1st, 2024!


The Vision Science faculty constitute a prestigious group of educators and researchers. Click the arrow to learn more about them, including research interests, contact information and links to lab websites.



About 40 graduate students are currently enrolled in the Vision Science program. Their backgrounds include degrees in psychology, biology, engineering, computer science, or optometry.



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