Vision Science Leadership

As an interdisciplinary group, the Vision Science Group (VSG) has the distinction of adding as its members’ faculty from multiple departments on campus.

The VSG leadership is comprised of a Chair, a Head Graduate Advisor, a Faculty Advisor for GSI Affairs, a Faculty Advisor for Postdoctoral Affairs, and six or more Program Advisors – collectively the Group Advisory Council. Personnel in the School of Optometry Admissions and Student Affairs office provide administrative support.  Standing committees in the area of Admissions, Curriculum development and admissions are appointed by the Chair each academic year. Appointees represent a wide range of research interests. As necessary, ad hoc committees may be appointed by the Chair for special tasks and program development.

While the VSG is hosted and partially supported by the School of Optometry, the Dean of Optometry does not have authority over the VSG beyond that afforded by his/her role as a Faculty Member or Committee Member. In support of the symbiotic relationship between the VSG and the School of Optometry, the Chair of the Vision Science Program holds a place on the Administrative Committee of the School of Optometry.

Vision Science Chair

Rowland Taylor, Ph.D.
Professor of Optometry and Vision Science
(510) 643-8459

Head Graduate Advisor

Michael Silver, PhD
Professor of Vision Science, Optometry and Neuroscience
(510) 642-3130

Faculty Advisor: GSI Affairs

Austin Roorda, PhD
Professor of Optometry and Vision Science
(510) 642-2380

Faculty Advisor: Postdoc Affairs

Teresa Puthussery OD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Optometry and Vision Science
(510) 643-9517

Group Advisory Council

Susana Chung, OD, PhD
John Flanagan, OD, PhD, DSc(hon), FCOptom, FAAO
Gunilla Haegerstrom-Portnoy, OD, PhD, FAAO
Stanley Klein, PhD
Dennis Levi, OD, PhD
Bruno Olshausen, PhD
Clayton Radke, PhD
Austin Roorda, PhD
Michael Silver, PhD
Christine Wildsoet, OD, PhD, FAAO, FARVO