Dennis Levi, OD, PhD

Professor of Optometry and Vision Science


Professor of Neuroscience
Former Dean, School of Optometry & Vision Science

Research Interests

Optometry, vision science, Pattern vision, abnormal visual development

Our research focuses on the mechanisms of pattern vision, and the influence of abnormal visual development on those mechanisms.

Research in our lab focuses on how we perceive visual forms and patterns, and how form perception is degrade by abnormal visual experience early in life (amblyopia). Specifically, we use psychophysics, computational modeling and brain imaging (fMRI) to study the neural mechanisms of normal pattern vision in humans, and to learn how they are degraded by abnormal visual experience (amblyopia). While amblyopia is known to influence the properties of neurons in cortical area V1 recent work in our laboratory suggests that amblyopia may also result in damage to higher cortical areas.

Selected Publications


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Berkeley, CA 94720