Core Grant: Microscopic Imaging

The Microscopic Imaging Module provides expert technical support for the design, assembly, modification, and use of light microscopic systems for vision research, as well as assistance in quantitative image analysis and automated image analysis. This module also provides Vision Science researchers with a wide-field fluorescence microscope (located on the 3rd floor of Minor Hall), and a cryostat (located on the 5th floor of Minor Hall), and subsidizes the training for, and use of, instruments in the Molecular Imaging Center.


The main goals of the module are to:

  • Introduce Vision Science researchers to shared instrumentation available on campus
  • Assist researchers with quantitative image analysis and advanced image processing
  • Customize existing microscopes to satisfy individual research needs
  • Design and assemble new imaging instruments from component parts
  • Maintain existing light microscopy instrumentation and make repairs when necessary

Molecular Imaging Center (MIC)

251 Life Sciences Addition
361 Li Ka Shing Center

Imaging Center Website

Instrument List

For a full list of instruments currently available through the MIC, please visit:

Instruments and Fees


Before using MIC instruments, users are required to attend a 1.5-hour training lecture on microscopy. The lecture occurs on the second Tuesday of each month from 2:30 to 4:00 pm in LSA 547. Anyone is welcome to attend, and there is a sign-in sheet for new MIC users at the lecture.

Reserving Equipment and Billing

Use of MIC instruments requires an iLabs account. For assistance getting an iLabs account set up with fees covered by the Vision Science Core Grant, please contact Ben Smith.

Ben Smith
Imaging Specialist
LSA 195
School of Optometry
Berkeley, CA 94720
(510) 642-9712