Lab Rotations

First-year students are required to complete two lab rotations – one per semester. Students may choose to complete a 3rd rotation during the summer of the first year. The objective of the research rotation is to allow students to become familiar with different areas of research, learn new experimental techniques, obtain experience in unique research laboratories, and ultimately to identify a lab in which to conduct dissertation research. The research being performed during a rotation may correspond to the initial stages of a thesis project or may be on a totally different topic.

The rotation sponsor (temporary research advisor) will evaluate each student’s performance during a rotation. The rotation sponsor will submit a written report at the conclusion of the rotation period. Progress is monitored by the Chair, VS Advisory Committee and the Admissions and Student Affairs Office (ASAO), who will review rotation evaluation reports.

Approaching Faculty

Students should identify the labs they are interested and meet with faculty from those labs to determine if there are openings in the lab. Occasionally a lab may not be accepting new rotations if they are already full. If a lab is not accepting new rotations, it is often possible to find another lab that is doing similar work.

Faculty Finder