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Izdihar Salman
350 Minor Hall
Lab Rotations
I’M FROM: Irbid, Jordan
BEFORE VS: Bachelor in Optometry, from Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Jordan.
Master Degree in Optometry from University of New South Wales, Australia.
WHY I’M HERE: Why not! UC Berkeley is the finest place to do researches. I worked for more than 13 years’ in JUST clinics and I examine more than 5K child with Amblyopia, Binocular Vision deficits and Visual Processing deficits. I was working hard to treat these deficits for them, but I always had a feeling that I need to do more to recover their full sights. So, I’m sure I’ll find what I am looking for in UC Berkeley.
MY RESEARCH: I hope to continue my studies in Vision Therapy, by improving the treatments methods used for patients that suffering from Amblyopia, Binocular Vision Deficits and Visual Processing Deficits.
MY DREAMS: I hope, when I graduate from UC Berkeley, to pass my knowledge and research experience to my Optometry Students in Jordan, and then work together to develop the Optometry field in our country and Middle East. Also, I hope to discover a new treatment method to restore vision for whom are suffering from vision loss.
MY HOBBIES: I love travelling and visiting historical sites. In my weekend, I prefer to spend my time with family and relatives.