Eye-Movement/ Binocular Vision/ Visual Function Talk

Monday, April 10, 201712:00– 1:30 pm, in 489 Minor Hall

Natural, Virtual, and Augmented 3D Vision

presented by

Emily Cooper, PhD
Assistant Research Professor
Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Dartmouth College

Our visual system has evolved to function within the natural 3D world. In modern life, however, we also receive an enormous amount of information via the 2D visual displays that are attached to our computers and personal devices. How does our visual system function with both natural and virtual stimuli, and how can we improve the quality of visual displays for everyone? I will describe work quantifying the statistical regularities of stereoscopic vision in the natural 3D world and how this information can be used to guide the design of future stereoscopic displays, with a focus on user inclusivity. I will also describe ongoing work assessing the potential for augmented reality systems to enhance 3D information for people with impaired vision.


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