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albert chin
Albert Chin
488 Minor Hall
Dennis Levi and Martin Banks Labs
I’M FROM: Reno, Nevada
I obtained a BA in psychology, a BS in biology and minors in chemistry, music, and addiction treatment from the University of Nevada, Reno.
The Vision Science program represents an interdisciplinary nexus where researchers with broad arrays of expertise come together to study vision. I believe it is the ideal environment to develop as a researcher and gain valuable insights from academics who come from wide-ranging backgrounds and can offer different perspectives.
MY RESEARCH: I am interested in investigating how stereoscopic cues aid in constructing an accurate sense of the physical dimensions and distances of our surroundings and using those observations to enhance the fidelity of new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality for a wide array of applications.
MY DREAMS: I aspire to one day be a part of a group or organization of like-minded individuals who are passionate about vision and to make a meaningful contribution to our understanding of visual perception.
My interests include swimming, taekwondo, and playing/writing music.