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Norick Bowers
485 Minor Hall
Austin Roorda Lab
I’M FROM: I grew up just north of Berkeley in Ukiah, California.
BEFORE VS: I finished my BA in Psychology at Chico State. I then went to the east coast to get my MA in Psychology at Boston University. While at BU I worked with Michele Rucci researching the functional aspects of ocular drift and microsaccades.
WHY I’M HERE: Growing up nearby I’ve always treasured the opportunity to explore San Francisco, so I’m very glad to be living so close. I’m also very impressed with the research being conducted here and the opportunity for collaboration with other impressive institutions.
MY RESEARCH: I’m interested in how the brain can processes the discontinuous and constantly evolving visual signal coming from the retina in order to render a meaningful percept of the world. I approach this question psychophyiscally, examining the disconnect between the physical aspects of the world and our subjective interpretation of it.
MY DREAMS: I’d like to continue my research into human vision and hopefully contribute in some small part to the vast array of knowledge scientists have discovered over the years.
MY HOBBIES: I’ve always really enjoyed reading, particularly classics. I also love to cook and I’m constantly looking for new recipes. When I’m not working I’m often hiking in the woods or laying in the park with a book.