Congratulations Ezell Fellowship Recipients!

Alexandra Boehm and Jessica Wei are proud recipients of this year’s Ezell Fellowship. Since 1947 the American Optometric Foundation has offered Ezell Fellowships to encourage talented persons to pursue full-time careers in optometric research and education.

Both Alexandra and Jessica are fourth year VS students. Alexandra works in the lab of Professor Roorda. In her research she uses psychophysical experimentation in combination with high resolution retinal imaging and eye tracking to better understand the relationship between structure and function in the human retina.

Jessica works with Professor Gronert. Her research aims to delineate the anti-inflammatory effects of the endogenous lipoxin A4 circuit in autoimmune uveitis. Understanding the mechanism of how lipoxin A4 regulates pathogenesis can help identify a more effective therapeutic target for autoimmune diseases.

Congratulations to both of you, Ally and Jess! Wishing you all the best in your continuing studies and research.

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