Friday, March 18, 2016,  12:30– 2:00 pm, in 100 Minor Hall

If being outside is good for your eyes, what’s so bad about indoors?

presented by

Dr. Ian Flitcroft

Visiting Faculty, Dublin, Ireland

Ian Flitcroft is a consultant pediatric ophthalmologist based at the Children’s University Hospital, Dublin and senior lecturer at University College Dublin, Ireland. He has special clinical interest in inherited pediatric eye disease and electrophysiology. He studied medicine at Oxford University and London. He also completed his D.Phil at Oxford in visual neurophysiology. He has been involved in the field of experimental myopia for almost 20 years, principally in the areas of computational modeling, the optical control mechanisms of eye growth and human choroidal thickness measurement – an important parameter in animal models of myopia. He was awarded the Fincham Medal in 2001 by Worshipful Company of Spectacle makers for his work in this field. As well as his research on the mechanisms guiding eye growth he has been long term advocate for the public health implications of myopia and for the need for biological treatments of myopia.


Host: Chris Wildsoet

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