Monday, October 26, 201512:00– 1:30 pm, in 489 Minor Hall

Laser PM® – An Optometrist’s New Laser Surgery for Presbyopia

presented by

Adam Hickenbotham, OD, MPH, PhD
Clinical and Research Scientist
CEO, ThruFocus, San Francisco

hosted by

Professor Austin Roorda

With an increasing scope of practice and recent supreme court decisions, it appears likely that optometrists will soon be performing laser eye surgeries in California, joining states like Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Kentucky. While California optometrists might not be performing LASIK in the immediate near future, another laser surgery could become available, a laser treatment for presbyopia.

Presbyopia already affects more than one billion people worldwide with numbers growing due to aging populations. In the U.S., there are over 100 million people in the 40-69 year old demographic who suffer from presbyopia. Surgical options have thus far failed to provide a well-accepted alternative to glasses. Recently, a corneal implant has been FDA-approved which treats the effects of presbyopia. Pharmaceutical eye drops for presbyopia are also undergoing clinical trials. Optometrists might soon need to be discussing many different potential presbyopia treatments.
ThruFocus Optics, LLC is a biomedical research and development company specializing in ophthalmic laser surgery technology with an innovative non-invasive laser surgical procedure called Laser PM®. Laser PM® improves near vision in individuals over 40. Additionally, it will also reduce glare and halos (such as following LASIK refractive surgery) and will improve vision for low myopes and astigmats. Laser PM® is now conducting first-in-human clinical studies outside the USA.

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