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Jazzi Junge
350 Minor Hall
Deborah Orel-Bixler Lab
I’M FROM: Aptos, California (Santa Cruz County)
BEFORE VS: I studied molecular and cellular biology and neurobiology as an undergraduate, followed by optometry at UC Berkeley. I then completed a residency in low vision and ocular disease.
WHY I’M HERE: In my time as an optometry resident, I worked with patients with various forms of low vision and ocular disease. I continued to develop a curiosity for understanding the mechanisms by which these processes occur. I decided that I wanted to develop my research skills so that I may continue to contribute to the existing body of knowledge throughout my career.
MY RESEARCH: I am currently focused on quantifying visual functions in children with cerebral visual impairment (CVI). I am interested in contour interaction and crowding in this population and hope to study long term visual and developmental outcomes of infants with CVI, with an ultimate goal of developing identification and early intervention services.
MY DREAMS: My biggest professional dream is to contribute in a significant way to the field of vision science and to tangibly improve the lives of patients, especially those with low vision resulting from eye disease
MY HOBBIES: Travel, run, sing, play tennis, hike, watch Cal sports (especially football — Go Bears!)