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Angelica Godinez
488 Minor Hall
Denis Levi Lab
I’M FROM: Born in Oakland, CA. Raised in Jalisco, Mexico and Richmond, California.
BEFORE VS: I received a BS in Psychology and will soon complete an MS in Human Factors & Ergonomics, both from San Jose State University.
WHY I’M HERE: My past research experiences, which includes 5 years in Dr. Stone’s Visuomotor Control Laboratory at NASA Ames Research Center and a summer in Dr. Brainard’s Color Vision Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania. When looking for a PhD program, I was intrigued by the interdisciplinary approach and immense talent offered by the Vision Science program at Berkeley.
MY RESEARCH: I plan to develop, test, and refine computational models of information processing in the visual system.
MY DREAMS: My research goals are to master the process of conducting research, creatively analyze, and advance knowledge in the understanding of functions and mechanisms of the visual system.
MY HOBBIES: My free time is juggled between biking, reading, hiking, camping, baseball games, practicing yoga, sometimes ballet, and always spending time with the people I love.
PUBLICATIONS: Godinez, A., Liston, D.B., Ayzenberg, R., Toscano, W.B., Cowings, P.A., and Stone, L.S. G-loading and vibration effects on heart and respiration effects. Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine 2014; 85:949-53.