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Elizabeth Lawler
582 Minor Hall
Michael Silver Lab
I’M FROM: Portland, Oregon
BEFORE VS: I studied Computation and Neural Systems at Caltech.
WHY I’M HERE: I’m fascinated by how the visual system can recognize specific forms and assign meaning to objects. I was brought to the VS program because of its interdisciplinary approach to the study of vision. I believe its interdisciplinary approach can greatly further understanding in how different areas of the visual system interact to create a complete, conscious image of our surrounding.
MY RESEARCH: I’m currently looking into how prediction from past events informs and helps create our visual experience of the world.
MY DREAMS: My biggest professional dream would be to one day conducting research in my own lab. I want to be able to make a significant contribution to the field and help further understanding of the visual system and visual processing.
MY HOBBIES: I have a love for art – so when I’m not working I spend my time drawing and painting, and I try making time to go out to art museums. I also enjoy swimming, and I’m starting to get into rock climbing.