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Vasha DuTell
570 Evans Hall
Bruno Olshausen Lab
I’M FROM: Eugene, Oregon
BEFORE VS: I studied Physics and Computer Science at University of Oregon in my Bachelor’s, and did my Masters in Biology/Bioinformatics also at UO. Before joining Vision Science, I studied olfaction in the Yu lab at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.
WHY I’M HERE: The visual system is a great model for studying sensory processing, and the Vision Science program allows many researchers from diverse fields to come together towards understanding vision at multiple levels.
MY RESEARCH: My thesis work focuses on training neural networks with efficient coding strategies, and seeing which strategies reproduce known properties of the visual system. Specifically, I am applying this technique towards understanding the parallel magnocellular and parvocellular streams seen in the retina and LGN.
MY DREAMS: I want to make a contribution to the world through my science, by furthering our understanding of us and the world around us.
MY HOBBIES: I’m into cooking, rock climbing, getting outdoors, and seeing new places.