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Sanam Mozaffari
485 Minor Hall
Austin Roorda Lab
I’M FROM: San Jose, California
BEFORE VS: I studied bioengineering with biomedical emphasis at UC San Diego. As an undergraduate I worked in an atomic force microscopy lab and a retinal prosthesis lab.
WHY I’M HERE: Being able to apply my biomedical expertise to advanced diagnostics for the visual system in a very focused program. I became fascinated with the visual system since there is so much to learn from the dynamics of our eyes. I decided to focus the visual system after an eye opening experience working with retinal prosthesis in a Theoretical Neuroscience and Engineering lab at UC San Diego.
MY RESEARCH: I hope to assist Dr. Roorda in advancing the adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscope.
MY DREAMS: After years of education, I have built a great passion for knowledge and especially teaching the future generations. I might venture into industry for the experience, but I hope to partake in academia later in life.
MY HOBBIES I absolutely love sports, mainly soccer, lacrosse and rock climbing. I am also an avid outdoor adventurer with my two husky sidekicks.