Monday, March 23,  12:00 – 1:30 pm, in 489 Minor Hall

Paradigm Shifts in Ophthalmic Drug Administration

presented by

Dr. Heather Sheardown

 Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering
McMaster University


Delivery of drugs to the eye remains one of the greatest challenges in ophthalmology.  While new treatments are available for various conditions in the eye, the inability to deliver sufficient quantities of the drug noninvasively, in a manner that is convenient for the patient and physician and with minimal risk of side effects has yet to be realized.  The talk will focus on a series of polymer based delivery systems that have been developed in the Sheardown lab.  This will including materials for treating diseases of the front of the eye using mucoadhesive materials and contact lens like methods as well as modifications to the drug in order to facilitate retention and permeation on the eye.  As well, we have developed a series of in situ gelling materials that can be injected into the back of the eye.  These materials are degradable and can be used intravitreally or subretinally.  Results will be presented on degradability, in vivo characterization and drug release from the various materials.  The results demonstrate that current methods of treating ocular disease can be significantly improved and new methods will lead to better treatments for greater numbers of patients.


Host: Christine Wildsoet



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