The success of BAVRD 2015


BAVRD 2015 Organizers (photo by Emilia Zin)


The 26th annual Bay Area meeting of Vision Scientists held on February 6 was the biggest in its history. The meeting was organized by our 2nd year students: Kaleb Asfaha, Alexandra Boehm, Kelly Byrne, Patrick Carney, Brian Cheung, Cecile Fortuny, Taras Litvin, Mayur Mudigonda, Dylan Paiton, Christopher Purington, and Jessica Wei. 

“I can’t say enough about the amazing Bay Area Vision Research Day that our second year students organized. I have received nothing but compliments and praise from people that attended the talks and poster sessions, and all the credit for the success goes to our second year students. They’ve definitely raised the bar and showcased our Vision Science Program as a premier research group. Congratulations on a great accomplishment!” ~ Karsten Gronert, VS Program Chair


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