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Emilia Zin
350 Minor Hall
John Flannery Lab
I’M FROM: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
BEFORE VS: I got my bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, specializing in molecular and cellular biology. I was a student at the Laboratório de Neurogênese at UFRJ, mainly studying retinal ganglion cells and the superexpression of certain genes in these cells via viral vectors.
WHY I’M HERE: Since my second semester as an undergraduate I have been working in a lab with the retina. I temporarily switched to studying models of tropical diseases and with that realized I had fallen in love with the visual system. So I decided I wanted to continue in this line of research when striving for a graduate degree. I’m extremely happy to have joined the Vision Science program at Berkeley.
MY RESEARCH: To work on projects that one day are relevant to people outside of the research community. Knowledge by itself is fascinating, but it would also be fantastic to participate in research that some day affects people with visual difficulties positively.
MY DREAMS: My biggest dream is to one day be able to go back to practicing horseback riding, show jumping and trail riding. Before my undergraduate degree I was frequently found outdoors on a horse on weekends, and I would love to go back to this routine some day.
MY HOBBIES Reading fantasy and science fiction, as well as having a few beers with friends.