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Katharina Foote
350 Minor Hall
Austin Roorda Lab
I’M FROM: Bergen, Norway and Seattle, Washington
BEFORE VS: Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Washington.
WHY I’M HERE: I found a passion for vision research through working with Dr. Steve Buck on rod photoreceptor color perception biases, and then with Dr. Jay Neitz working particularly on behavioral testing of tetrachromacy through gene therapy. The Berkeley Vision Science program is an exciting opportunity to continue with my research interests.
MY RESEARCH: I am eager to investigate connections between color perception and photoreceptor stimulation and to determine these links using techniques such as adaptive optics imaging and fMRI.
MY DREAMS: Ultimately the biggest reward is to make discoveries and conduct research that helps understand the visual system well enough to prevent and treat vision deficiencies and diseases as well as enhance vision.
MY HOBBIES Hiking, running, biking, badminton, tennis, and hot yoga.