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Paul Cullen
350 Minor Hall
John Flanagan Lab
I’M FROM: I’ve lived in the Boston area my entire life (until now!)
BEFORE VS: As an undergrad I studied Marine Biology at Boston University. More recently I’ve been studying regenerative medicine and cellular reprogramming at Harvard and earning a master’s degree there.
WHY I’M HERE: A deep and abiding interest in the inner workings of sensory biology, stemming from my undergraduate work with marine organisms. Despite its relatively straightforward structure, the eye is able to capture an enormous amount of information that our brain is able to render into a (mostly) accurate representation of our surroundings. By better understanding the mechanisms of our sight, we will be able combat vision loss while also gaining a greater sense of how we form our perception of the world around us.
MY RESEARCH: To broaden understanding of how cells in the retina interact, both in their role as sensory neurons and in how they contribute to the retina’s organizational structure.
MY DREAMS: I hope that someday my research will not only help in restoring sight to the vision impaired, but eventually improve our visual perception and provide us with the means to increase our understanding and our appreciation of the visual world.
MY HOBBIES Cycling, watching movies, playing soccer, and home-brewing beer.