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Nevin El-Nimri
350 Minor Hall
Christine Wildsoet Lab
I’M FROM: Jordan
BEFORE VS: I earned my Doctor of Optometry and MS in Vision Science at The Ohio State University.
WHY I’M HERE: My passion and experience in basic science and clinical research.
MY RESEARCH: The main focus of my research is to better understand the association between myopia and glaucoma. Specifically, I aim to investigate the mechanisms underlying the increased risk of glaucoma in myopic patients and examine the potential role of topical ocular hypotensive drugs for controlling myopia progression. My longer-term goals are to develop efficient techniques to better distinguish myopic ONHs from glaucomatous ones, in both lab and clinical settings, and to find effective methods for reducing the risk of glaucoma in myopic patients.
MY DREAMS: My biggest professional dream is to have my own research lab and to teach optometry students. My biggest personal dream is to tour Europe.
MY HOBBIES Working out, doing Bikram Yoga, Salsa dancing, and cooking.