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Natalie Stepien-Bernabe
350 Minor Hall
Deborah Orel-Bixler Lab
I’M FROM: I am from Chicago, Illinois.
BEFORE VS: I studied Psychology at the University of Chicago. I worked in Dr. Steven Shevell’s laboratory and used psychophysical techniques to understand the neural mechanisms of color vision.
WHY I’M HERE: The VS program enables me to use a variety of methodological techniques to explore how human knowledge and cognition is shaped by sensory experiences.
MY RESEARCH: My research investigates on how blind, visually-impaired, and sighted individuals process haptic information. It also focuses on education and accessibility issues related to visual impairment and blindness.
MY DREAMS: My biggest professional dream is to become a professor and research advisor for undergraduate and graduate students. My biggest personal dream is to backpack through Europe!
MY HOBBIES When I am not working, I enjoy playing the piano, watching movies, going wine-tasting, and trying new restaurants.