silver Michael A. Silver

582 Minor Hall
(510) 642-3130
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AFFILIATIONS Associate Professor of Vision Science, Optometry and Neuroscience
RESEARCH The goals of our laboratory’s research are to understand how the brain constructs representations of the environment and how these representations are modified by cognitive processes such as attention, expectation, and learning. We address these questions by applying a combination of behavioral, brain imaging, electrophysiological, modeling, and pharmacological techniques to the study of healthy human participants as well as patients who suffer from diseases that affect perceptual processing.

Selected Publications

Bressler DW, Fortenbaugh FC, Robertson LC, Silver MA (2013) Visual spatial attention enhances the amplitude of positive and negative fMRI responses to visual stimulation in an eccentricity-dependent manner. Vision Research 85:104-112.

Rokem A, Silver MA (2013) The benefits of cholinergic enhancement during perceptual learning are long-lasting. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 7:66.

Denison RN, Vu AT, Yacoub E, Feinberg DA, Silver MA (2014) Functional mapping of the magnocellular and parvocellular subdivisions of human LGN. Neuroimage, 102:358-369.

Piazza EA, Silver MA (2014) Persistent hemispheric differences in the perceptual selection of spatial frequencies. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 26:2021-2027.

Sheremata SL, Silver MA (2015) Hemisphere-dependent attentional modulation of human parietal visual field representations. Journal of Neuroscience 35:508-517.

Denison RN, Sheynin J, Silver MA (2016) Perceptual suppression of predicted natural images. Journal of Vision 16(13):6:1-15