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Robert B. Mandell

519 Minor Hall
(510) 642-9679
AFFILIATIONS Professor Emeritus of Vision Science and Optometry

Corneal topography

I am currently working with various modern videokeratographs to develop applications in the field of contact lenses. Old methods of photokeratography have been plagued with many sources of error, but modern image processing techniques and the addition of video image capture has greatly improved the accuracy of present instruments. There is considerable need for corneal topography measurement in refractive surgery and for other clinical applications such as fitting contact lenses to infants, keratoconics and those with aphakia.

Selected Publications

Mandell RB. and Chiang, C. Alignment Effects in Videokeratography of Keratoconus. CLAO J 1997;23(1):23-28.

Mandell RB. Contemporary Management of Keratoconus, Internat. Contact Lens Clinic, May-June 1997.

Chan JS, Mandell RB. Contact lens base curve prediction from videokeratography, Optometry and Vision Science, 1998.

Mandell RB. Clinical applications of corneal topography, Review Optom. Supp. Oct. 15, 1999, pp 12-18.