Thank you, Austin Roorda!

Vision Science thanks Austin for being a great program Chair over past 5 years. 

Austin_RoordaAustin has been a truly outstanding Chair of the Vision Science Graduate Group program, which consists of over 40 faculty members from Optometry, Molecular and Cell Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Bioengineering, and Neuroscience. This is a very time consuming administrative commitment, and Austin brought a great deal of energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas to the position. He introduced changes to the composition of the qualifying exam committee; a thesis proposal requirement for PhD students and the implementation of a PhD dissertation symposium; a new combined Masters/OD residency program, and actively pursued new funding sources for the Vision Science graduate program. The Vision Science students and faculty alike agree that Austin has been an outstanding Chair, and that the program has flourished under his leadership.

Austin,  many thanks for your outstanding service, and for leaving the Vision Science Group bigger, better and stronger than ever. Best, – Dennis Levi

Austin, beautifully done, and more evidence to me that you have played a very special role in strengthening the program in VS.  You will be sorely missed. And thank you for articulating the advances of the VS Group and reminding colleagues about them. Great Job!  – Tony Adams

Austin, I’d like to add my heartfelt appreciation for all that you’ve done. It is an impressive list of accomplishments.  You have left our program in a very healthy condition. Many thanks, – Stan Klein

Thanks, Austin, for taking over the reins of the program these past 5 years. You’ve done a really fine job and everyone appreciates that. All the best, – Marty Banks

Austin, thank you for 5 years of outstanding altruistic service and unwavering dedication to the Vision Science Group. Under your progressive stewardship the Vision Science has evolved into a structured, highly visible and successful program of research and academic excellence. I have some very big shoes to fill to live up to your chair legacy and hope to build on your foundation and tackle the future challenges so that we remain as you stated the biggest, best and most prolific Vision Science Group in the world.  THANK YOU! Karsten Gronert

It was obvious very early during Austin’s tenure as a graduate student that he was exceptional and had the potential to achieve whatever he set his mind to. I was lucky enough to be helping administer Waterloo’s graduate program at the time. It was clear that Austin would go far. It is now my pleasure to help celebrate Austin for his time as Chair of the Vision Science Graduate Group. The UCB Vision Science program is recognized internationally and the quality and quantity of the graduate students is the envy of the world. Austin has successfully guided the program and mentored the students with care and talent. Vision Science at UCB is all the better for his outstanding leadership. John Flanagan

To borrow from Lao Tzu, “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” VS program has been extremely fortunate to have Austin as such a leader for the past 5 years. Time and time again I have witness him making every effort to make Vision Science a better program and a stronger community. No task has been too small or too big for Austin. But the most remarkable thing is how humble he has been about his work: so caring and yet professional, so seamless and yet unassumingly graceful. Austin is hands-down one of the greatest leaders I’ve had the honor of working with. – Olga Lepilina

VS students express their thanks to Austin through a video and this photo collage. vs

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