Russell De Valois Memorial Lecture Series

Russel DeValoisThe Russell De Valois Memorial Lectures series commemorates our beloved friend and colleague Russell De Valois, who pioneered the systematic analysis of color and spatial vision while he was a faculty member at UC Berkeley. Established in 2005, this lecture series brings outstanding vision scientists to the Berkeley campus to discuss their recent research. The series is funded by generous contributions to the School of Optometry in memory of Professor De Valois and is organized by the graduate students in Vision Science.

William T. Newsome, PhD
Monitoring Covert Visual Decisions via Neural Population Dynamics in Frontal Cortex
June 1, 2017
Sir Colin Blakemore, FMedSci HonFRCP HonFRSM HonFRSB FRS
Knowing What and Knowing That We Are Seeing
May 16, 2016
Michael A. Webster, PhD
Blue and Yellow in the World, the Brain, and the Dress
April 9, 2015
Michael N. Shadlen, MD, PhD
Believing and Time: A Neural Mechanism for Decision Making
March 14, 2013
E. J. Chichilnisky, PhD
Functional Circuitry of the Retina at Single Cell Resolution
April 26, 2012
David Williams, PhD
Color and the Cone Mosaic
March 15, 2011
Jay Neitz, PhD
Gene Therapy for Color Blindness in Adult Primates
March 4, 2010
Wilson S. Geisler, PhD
Natural Systems Analysis of Visual Search
April 2, 2009
Gerald Jacobs, PhD
Unraveling Mammalian Color Vision
April 3, 2008
Jeremy Nathans, MD, PhD
The Evolution of Human Color Vision
March 1, 2007
Brian A. Wandell, PhD
Development and Plasticity in Visual Cortex
March 23, 2006
R. Clay Reid, MD, PhD
Inaugural Lecture
Micro-architecture of Visual Cortex: Functional Maps with Single-cell Precision
March 4, 2005