The suceess of BAVRD 2013

BAVRD organizers

From left to right:
Kavitha Ratnam, Rachel Albert, Austin Roorda, Sahar Yousef, Zach Helft, and Adeola Harewood (Eric Li is missing in action)


The appeal of a Bay Area meeting of Vision Scientists has clearly not waned in the past 25 years, as yesterdays meeting (our 25th) was possibly the biggest we’ve ever had. The meeting is entirely organized by our 2nd year students: Sahar Yousef, Adeola Harewood, Kavitha Ratnam, Rachel Albert, Eric Li, and Zach Helft. Thanks, guys! – Austin Roorda

Please accept my thanks for the warm welcome accorded to me at BAVRD by you and your fellow second-year students. It was a splendid occasion all around, testimony to excellent organizing skills and an indicator of effective leadership. The future of vision science seems in good hands! – Gerald Westheimer

The meeting was delightful. Thank you so much for inviting me. I think everything was very well organized. Please pass on my congratulations to all your organizing committee. – Suzanne McKee

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