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mayur mudigonda
Mayur Mudigonda
567 Evans Hall
Bruno Olshausen Lab
I’M FROM: balmy tropical city of Chennai (previously Madras), India.  I grew up all over India but when I think home – I think of sunsets at the beach in Chennai.
BEFORE VS: I studied Computer Science as an undergrad at Anna University in India. I then did my Master’s in Computer Science at Michigan State with a thesis that focused on computer vision and machine learning.
WHY I’M HERE: At this point in time, I think biological vision is infinitely more sophisticated than artificial vision systems. To build better machine vision systems it is imperative that we understand biological vision well. The Vision Science program at Berkeley boasts of faculty that engage in a wide range of questions in the vision community. I hope to learn, interact and collaborate with many of them during my time here.
MY RESEARCH: Succinctly, Computational models of sensory representation in biological systems. Translating such models into machine vision is my larger goal.
MY DREAM: To gain a deep understanding of problems that I am interested and make significant contributions to the scientific community.
MY HOBBIES: I enjoy cooking, reading, listening to music, watching movies (non-Hollywood!) and playing the guitar. I enjoy the outdoors very much – I like to go on hikes, camp at national parks, learn to surf in the summers and snowboard in the winter. I also throw interactive house parties every few months and I find it a great way to interact with friends and colleagues.