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Kelly Byrne
582 Minor Hall
Michael Silver Lab
I’M FROM: Suffern, New York, USA
BEFORE VS: I studied behavioral neuroscience at Colgate University
WHY I’M HERE: I want to expand on my background in visual cognition and perception, but I’ve always had a broad range of scientific interests. What attracted me most to the VS program is that it lies at the intersection of so many intellectually compelling fields including biology, neuroscience, physics, psychology, engineering, and computer science.
MY RESEARCH: I am interested in perceptual abnormalities, such as those resulting from developmental disturbances or disease.
MY DREAM: Ultimately, I would like to have my own lab and teach at a research university. My loftiest professional dream is to make a tangible contribution to clinical science that directly improves someone’s quality of life. I’d also like to achieve the top goal on my bucket list by visiting all fifty states.
MY HOBBIES: I have a passion for travelling and exploring new places, which goes hand in hand with my love of photography. I also enjoy soaking up the sun at the beach, reading, cooking, jamming out – especially at concerts, and cheering on the NY Giants & Yankees.