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Gyeong Jin (Stella) Kang
689 Minor Hall
Lu Chen Lab
I’M FROM: “South” Korea. If you ask me what city? I can give you name of 10 different cities.
BEFORE VS: I double majored in Biology and English Linguistics at KyungHee University, Seoul, Korea
WHY I’M HERE: I had no idea that I’ll become a vision researcher before I went to Cambodia as a volunteer. My job was distributing presbyopic glasses to people. When I saw shining smile on their face with the glasses, I realized that I have always wanted make people smile. How to do that? The answer was vision.
MY RESEARCH The cornea has special properties to maintain clear vision. It is normally avascular, transparent, and immune privileged. During pathological process, however, vascularization if induced in the cornea that can cause largely reduced optical quality. Previous study revealed that the lymphatic system is primary mediator in corneal transplantation rejection rather than blood system. This indicates studying lymphagngiogenesis (LG; the new lymphatic vessel growth) in the cornea will open new therapeutic opportunities to prevent vision loss in ocular disease. I am especially studying to discover cellular origin of LG. By unraveling this secret, I expect we will be able to manipulate up-regulation or down-regulation of LG as the needs of any case.
MY HOBBIES I love watching movies and musicals, performing mime, singing, dancing, snow boarding, windsurfing, water skiing, swimming, and doing some hand craft works like making jewelry and cross stitch.