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Kavitha Ratnam
485 Minor Hall
Austin Roorda Lab
I’M FROM: Born in Toronto, Canada and raised in Fremont, California
BEFORE VS: Earned my BS in Bioengineering at UC Berkeley and worked with Dr. Jacque Duncan of UCSF on the clinical application of adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (AOSLO) to study inherited retinal degenerations.
WHY I’M HERE: The opportunity to work with Dr. Roorda on the application of AOSLO for visual psychophysics.
MY RESEARCH: Thesis: The effects of retinal image motion on the limits of spatial vision. I recently completed a summer internship at Oculus Research.


FUTURE OBJECTIVES: I am currently in my last year of graduate school and am looking for industry opportunities in VR/AR or eye tracking.

CV (Updated Dec 2016)

PUBLICATIONS: [1] Duncan, JL; Talcott, KE; Ratnam, K; Sundquist, SM; Lucero, AS; Day, S; Zhang, Y; Roorda, A. Cone structure in retinal degeneration associated with mutations in the peripherin/RDS gene. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 52(3): 1557-66 (2011). [PDF]

[2] Talcott, KE; Ratnam, K; Sundquist, SM; Lucero, AS; Lujan, BJ; Tao, W; Porco, TC; Roorda, A; Duncan, JL. Longitudinal study of cone photoreceptors during retinal degeneration and in response to ciliary neurotrophic factor treatment. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 52(5):2219-26 (2011). [PDF]

[3] Chen, Y; Ratnam, K; Sundquist, SM; Lujan, B; Ayyagari, R; Gudiseva, VH; Roorda, A; Duncan, JL. Cone photoreceptor abnormalities correlate with vision loss in patients with Stargardt disease. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 52(6):3281-92 (2011). [PDF]

[4] Duncan, JL; Ratnam, K; Birch, DG; Sundquist, SM; Lucero, AS; Zhang, Y; Meltzer, M; Smaoui, N; Roorda, A. Abnormal cone structure in foveal schisis cavities in X-linked retinoschisis from mutations in exon 6 of the RS1 gene. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 52(13):9614-23 (2011). [PDF]

[5] Duncan, JL; Roorda, A; Navani, M; Vishweswaraiah, S; Syed, R; Soudry, S; Ratnam, K; Gudiseva, HV; Lee, P; Gaasterland, T; Ayyagari, R. Identification of a novel mutation in the CDHR1 gene in a family with recessive retinal degeneration. Arch Ophthalmol, 130(10): 1301-8 (2012). [PDF]

[6] Ratnam, K; Vastinsalo, H; Roorda, A; Sankila, EM; Duncan, JL. Cone structure in patients with Usher syndrome type III and mutations in the Clarin 1 gene. JAMA Ophthalmol, 131(1): 67-74 (2013). [PDF]

[7] Syed, R; Sundquist, SM; Ratnam, K; Zayit-Soudry, S; Zhang, Y; Crawford, JB; Macdonald, IM; Godara, P; Rha, J; Carroll, J; Roorda, A; Stepien, KE; Duncan, JL. High-resolution images of retinal structure in patients with choroideremia. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 54(2):950-61 (2013). [PDF]

[8] Ratnam, K; Carroll, J; Porco, TC; Duncan, JL; Roorda, A. Relationship between foveal cone structure and clinical measures of visual function in patients with inherited retinal degenerations. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, Published ahead of print (2013). [PDF]

[9] Zayit-Soudry, S; Sippl-Swezey, N; Porco, TC; Lynch, SK; Syed, R; Ratnam, K; Menghini, M; Roorda, AJ; Duncan, JL. Repeatability of Cone Spacing Measures in Eyes with Inherited Retinal Degenerations. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 56 (10), 6179-6189 (2015). [PDF]

Additional Publications

Ratnam, K. “Into Focus: How Adaptive Optics is Changing How We See the Universe (and Ourselves)” Berkeley Science Review. Spring 2015. Print and Electronic. [LINK]

MY HOBBIES Dancing, cardio kickboxing, practicing my guitar, playing with kitties, and catching up on my favorite TV shows (Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, the list is endless..)