Aleks Polosukhina

Aleks Polosukhina, PhD

I’M FROM: California, USA
BEFORE VS: I received a Bachelor in Physics and Mathematics at the University of San Francisco. During my bachelor degree I also did a study-abroad at Oxford University in Medieval and Renaissance Studies.
WHY I’M HERE: It was a combination of taking a Computational Neuroscience course in college and doing a research internship at Milwaukee Medical College with Professor Dan Beard, that sparked my interest in this interdisciplinary program. Kramer lab enabled me to work on exciting neuroscience questions with real-life application.
MY RESEARCH Millions of people suffer from retinal degenerative diseases, such as retinitis pigmentosa and age related macular degeneration; however, there are currently no viable cures for these diseases. I am currently working in Dr. Kramer’s lab on restoring light sensitivity to blind animals, with a long term goal of finding a suitable therapeutic for clinical use. We use light sensitive molecules to restore light sensitivity to mouse models of human retinal degenerative diseases. By rendering the retinal circuitry light sensitive, we successfully restored light-elicited behavioral responses in blind mice. These molecules present a promising drug strategy for vision restoration in degenerative blinding diseases.
MY HOBBIES: I love to travel and spend time outdoors, either camping or hiking. I take ballet classes and draw (mostly in charcoal). I am currently learning French in order to prepare for my move to France.