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ElisePiazzaHemispheric Asymmetry and Multisensory Learning Impact Visual Perceptual SelectionPhD2015Banks & Silver
WilliamSpragueThe Statistics of Disparity in Natural ViewingPhD2015Banks
AaronSullivanP. Aeruginosa Interactions with the Ocular Surface EpitheliaPhD2015Fleiszig
JamesGaofMRI visualization and methodsPhD2015Gallant
TanTruongFormation and Function of Luminal Lymphatic Valves During LymphangiogenesisPhD2014Chen
MichaelOliverNonlinear Modeling of the Early and Mid-Level Visual SystemPhD2014Gallant
TanTruongRelative functions of feedforward, feedback, and horizontal connections in the central visual pathwayPhD2014Chen
WilliamTutenCellular Functional Architecture of the Human Cone Photoreceptor MosaicPhD2014Roorda
TaekjunKimRelative functions of feedforward, feedback, and horizontal connections in the central visual pathwayPhD2014Freeman
JuliaCoxImaging Sleep-Wake Activity in Identified Pontine Cell PopulationsPhD2014Dan
AlanaFirlMechanisms Underlying Spontaneous Glutamatergic Activityin Developing Mouse RetinaPhD2014Feller
DustinStansburyNeural Representation Using Statistical Features of Natural ScenesPhD2014Gallant
MarianaGarciaMyopia Control in Guinea PigsPhD2014Wildsoet
WestonPackSpatial and Feature-based AttentionPhD2013Klein
TatianaEcoiffierCorneal Lymphangiogenesis: Anatomical Description and Investigation ofPhD2013Chen
SamanthaWangEstrogen Regulation of the 15LOX/LXA4 Protective Lipid Circuit in the Corneal Inflammatory-Reparative ResponsePhD2013Gronert
MichaelHadleythe Role of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)MS2013Olshausen
YanZhangRole of Retinal Pigment Epithelium in Myopia Development and ControlPhD2013Wildsoet
AleksandraPolosukhinaVision restoration using photochemical compoundsPhD2013Wildsoet
KavitaDhamdhereNovel Measures Of Retinal Health And Their Inter- relationships In Early DiabetesPhD2012Adams
JamesO’SheaThe perception of shape, lighting and material properties in imagesPhD2012Banks
NicolePutnamCharacterization of the Structure and Function of the Normal Human Fovea Using Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser OphthalmoscopyPhD2012Roorda
DavidBresslerSpatial Attention Improves Retinotopic MappingPhD2012Silver
AmandaAlvarezLight, Nearwork, and Visual Environment Risk Factors in MyopiaPhD2012Wildsoet
WendyHarrisonLongitudinal Studies utilizing Local Neural Retinal Function, measured by Multifocal Electroretinograms, for the Prediction of Diabetic Eye DiseasePhD2011Adams
AaronSullivanThe role of the Type III Secretion system in bacterial traversal of the corneal epitheliaMS2011Fleiszig
ChetanNandakumarInvariance in Human Visual PerceptionPhD2011Malik
AmirKhosrowshahiThe laminar organization of V1 neural activity in response to dynamic natural scenesPhD2011Olshausen
YueLiuThe Effects of Complex Optical Environments on the Development, Progression and Control of MyopiaPhD2011Wildsoet
PremaObrienScleral bioreactor: Design and use for evaluation of myopia therapiesPhD2011Wildsoet
DavidHoffmanThe Role of Focus Cues in Stereopsis and the Development of a Novel Volumetric DisplayPhD2010Banks
JamesMunHarnessing the Anti-infective Activity of the Ocular Surface to Prevent InfectionPhD2010Fleiszig
JimmyWangLearning Transformations From VideoPhD2010Olshausen
KaccieLiImaging the Foveal Cone Mosaic with a MEMS-based Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser ophthalmoscopePhD2010Roorda
JaniceTarrantSpherical Aberration, Accommodation and MyopiaPhD2010Wildsoet
AhalyaViswanathanNeurometabolic coupling is not uniform in cerebral cortexPhD2009Freeman
LinAaron LiThe Role of Gap Junction Communication in Lens Transparency: A Potential Strategy for CataractPhD2009Gong
TonyaWatsonQuantitative Assessment of Vision Function in Children with Cortical Visual ImpairmentPhD2009Gunilla Haegerstrom-Portnoy & Orel-Bixler
SangitaDandekarEEG Studies of Visual Processing: Intra and Inter-Subject Variability, Saccades, and Object RecognitionPhD2009Klein
TracyHuangInstalling Light Sensitivity in Blind Mouse Retinas Using Photoswitch Molecules that Photosensitize Native K+ ChannelsPhD2009Kramer
ShuangSongAcuity, Crowding, Feature Detection, and Fixation in Normal and Amblyopic VisionPhD2009Levi
EthanRossiThe Limits of Visual ResolutionPhD2009Roorda
JamesSuInteractions between Biomaterials and the Sclera: Implications on Myopia ProgressionPhD2009Wildsoet
KevinBronson-CastainType 1 and Type 2 Diabetes in Adulthood and Adolescence: Focal Retinal Function, Structure and PhD2008Adams
JasonNgLongitudinal Study of Retinal Neural Function by Multifocal Electroretinograms in Diabetic Patients with and without Diabetic RetinopathyPhD2008Adams
JohannesBurgeFigure-ground Cues, Disparity, and Depth Perception: The Internalization of Natural Scene StatisticsPhD2008Banks
KarenGuerinPharmaceutical and Gene-based Therapies for Retinal DegenerationPhD2008Flannery
ZeyuLiCalibrating A Multi-camera ArrayMS2008Klein
AhnaGirshickProbabilistic integration of sensory information for 3D visual surface slant perceptionPhD2007Banks
Pei-YiKoWindowed Cross-Correlation Model for Auditory-Visual Correlation DetectionPhD2007Banks
PaulMacneilagePsychophysical Investigations of Visual-vestibular Interactions in Human Spatial OrientationPhD2007Banks
FengHanVisual coding in the primary visual cortex: From single neuron to cortical ensemblePhD2007Dan
KennethGreenbergDevelopment of Targeted Gene Therapy Vectors for Retinal DiseasePhD2007Flannery
ThangDuongSome Constraints on Models of the Early Visual PathwayPhD2007Freeman
YibinTianOptical Aberrations, Retinal Image Quality and Eye Growth: Experimentation and ModelingPhD2007Wildsoet
RobertMeyersonThe Visual System Does Not Compensate for Different Image Sizes in the Two Eyes that Result from Eccentric GazePhD2006Banks
PrayranaKhadyeThe Effects of Propagated Waves on Spontaneous Activity in Primary Visual CortexPhD2006Dan
JaniceLeeGene therapy of neovascularization in age-related macular degenerationPhD2006Flannery
MinjianNiThe Role of Surfactant Protein D in Ocular Defense Against Pseudomonas Aeruginosa KeratitisPhD2006Fleiszig
NetsukeToyofukuImage Feature Utilization for Target Detection in Monochromatic ImagesPhD2006Klein
TandraGhoseExtremal Edges A Powerful Cue to Depth and Figure-Ground OrganizationPhD2006Malik
TeresaHernandezPerceptual and Ocularmotor Mappings of Visual Space Following Saccadic AdaptationPhD2006Schor
InnaMaltsevaImpact of Contact Lens Wear on Corneal Epithelial Innate Immune response to Pseudomonas aeruginosaPhD2005Fleiszig
ShrikantBharadwajNeural Control Strategies of the Human Focusing MechanismPhD2005Schor
ChristopherCantorThe Temporal Impulse Response Model of the Flash Lag EffectPhD2005Schor
VarunaPadmanabhanMechanisms of Emmetropization in chick – effect of Continuous Light and Binocular InteractionPhD2005Wildsoet
TandraGhoseDepth Cue Combination and Slant AnisotropyMS2004Banks
YingHanThe multifocal electroretinogram as a predictor of local diabetic retinopathyPhD2004Adams
Nonlinear Analysis of Cells in Primary Visual CortexPhD2004Dan
WendyDavisStudies of Neon Color SpreadingPhD2004De Valois
JeffreyThompsonSimultaneous Measurements of Tissue Oxygen and Neural Activity: Implications for Functional Brain ImagingPhD2004Freeman
TeminaMadonThe Reproducibility and Patterning of Retinal Ganglion Cell Spike Trains Elicited by Natural StimuliPhD2004Owens
ShelleyFriedThe Circuitry and Mechanisms Underlying Directional Selectivity in Rabbit Retinal Ganglion CellsPhD2004Werblin
EllenLeeComparison Studies of Invasive and Cytotoxic Pseudomonas AeruginosaPhD2003Fleiszig
MatthewPetersonVisual Temporal ProcessingPhD2003Freeman
SuzanneBakerLocalization Capabilities of VEP Source Localization and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Human Visual CortexPhD2003Klein
ShahramDastmalchiFunctional Brain Imaging: Extracting Temporal Responses of Multiple Cortical Areas from Multi-focal Visual Evoked PotentialsPhD2003Klein
LaurenBarghout-SteinHow Global Perceptual Context Changes Local Contrast ProcessingPhD2003Malik
LauraWalker-RenningerParts, Objects, and Scenes: Computational Models and PsychophysicsPhD2003Malik
LeslieShupenkoThe Fast and Slow Oscillations of the Electro-oculogram in DiabetesMS2002Adams
AshleyTuanPosterior Capsular Opacification Quantification and Visual Outcomes AnalysesPhD2002Bailey
JaimeHillisIssues in Binocular Vision: The Stability of Corresponding Points and the Stereoscopic Perception of Surface SlantPhD2002Banks
MengLinThe Effects on Contact Lenses on Corneal Epithelial Barrier Function and Post-lens Tear FilmPhD2002Polse
KimberlyMillerTear-Film Considerations With and Without Contact Lens WearPhD2002Polse & Radke
MichaelMenzFunctional Connectivity of Binocular Disparity Tuned Neurons in Striate CortexPhD2001Freeman
DanTwelkerThe Pterygium Evaluation ProjectPhD2001Bailey
NicolasCottarisThe Dynamic Receptive Field Structure of Cone Inputs to Macaque LGN and V1 NeuronsPhD2001De Valois
LauraMcGee SanftnerDevelopment of Adeno-Associated Viral Gene Therapies for Retinal DegenerationPhD2001Flannery
AnthonyTruchardFunctional Information Processing in the Visual Cortex of the Cat Cues During Stereoscopic Perception of Surface SlantPhD2001Freeman
DavisBarchTravelling Activity Waves and Distributed Effects in Excitable Membrane Models of the Visual Cortex Cortical SheetsPhD2001Glaser
ErichGrafPlasticity of the Oculomotor SystemPhD2001Schor
DimitriChernyakRole of Active Vision in Scene Analysis and RepresentationPhD2001Stark
GaryMartinsenThe Multifocal Electroretinogram in Aging and Age-Related Macular DegenerationPhD2000Haegerstrom-Portnoy
ErikNemethFormation of Space-Time Patterns at Ganglion Cell Layers in the Tiger Salamander RetinaPhD2000Werblin
LukeMahonAnalysis of Visual Processing of Cartesian and Non-Cartesian GratingsPhD1999De Valois
LaurenBarghout-SteinOn differences between peripheral and foveal pattern maskingMS1999Klein
AmnonSilversteinA Model of Human VisionPhD1999Klein
GregoryKleinDeformable Models for Volume Feature TrackingPhD1999Malik
CorinaVan de PolCorneal Shape Descriptors and the Prediction of Visual Performance After Refractive SurgeryPhD1999Stanley Klein
BradFortuneClinical Electrophysiologic Studies of Retinal Function in Hyperglycemia and DiabetesPhD1998Adams
ErichHornsteinSex, Time, and Space: A Study of Dimorphism in Photoreceptors of MuscaPhD1998Cohn
JulieScottSpatio-termporal Masking with Luminance-varying and Isoluminant StimuliPhD1998De Valois
GaryWalkerInhibitory Mechanisms in the Primary Visual CortexPhD1998Freeman
ScottSlotnickUsing Multi-stimulus VEP Source Localization to Obtain a Detailed Retinotopic Map of Human Primary Visual CortexPhD1998Klein
DanielHarvittCorneal oxygen availability and metabolism with contact lens wearPhD1997Bananno
BenjaminBackusUse of Vertical Disparity and Extra-retinal Eye Position Cues During Stereoscopic Perception of Surface SlantPhD1997Banks
RowanCandyOptical and retinal constraints on vision in the human neonatePhD1997Banks
AkiyukiAnzaiBinocular Interaction in the Visual CortexPhD1997Freeman
JudyQuongRetinal Pigment Epithelium Physiology and Gene TherapyPhD1997Miller
TaniaVuTransduction of Natural Stimuli and Noise in Rod Photoreceptors of the Tiger Salamander, Ambystoma tigrinumPhD1997Owen
DaqingCaiDevelopmental studies of LGNPhD1996Freeman
NancyMcNamaraPseudomonous infectionsPhD1996Polse
JudyChanHuman In Vivo Measurements of Tear Flow under Contact LensesMS1996Polse
JeffMcCandlessNeural models of cross-coupling interactions controlling binocular vertical eye alignmentPhD1996Schor
TerriYamamotoColor-selective spatial tuningPhD1996Valois
BryanGrosMotion and position detection in early visionPhD1995Cohn
DavidPopeOcular accommodation and the virtual lensPhD1995Cohn
HeidiBaselerA comparison of mechanisms contributing touman foveal and near-peripheral vision using multi-focal VEPsPhD1995Klein
QungHuangMultipole analysis of spatial visionPhD1995Klein
StephenCohenHumidity and pH effects on corneal hydration controlPhD1995Polse
ReubenReubenMechanisms in contact-lens-induced corneal acidosisPhD1995Polse
CharlesNeveuOcular accommodation and the virtual lensPhD1995Stark
ClaudeGiassonEffects of contact lens wear and lactate transport on corneal epithelial intracellar pHPhD1994Bananno
EmilyKenyonpH regulation in bovine RPEPhD1994Miller
LeiLiuDichoptic stimulation in binocular visionPhD1994Schor
LarryCormackThe binocular processing of random element stereograms of variable interocular correlationPhD1993Schor
DonaldMuttiThe role of the crystalline lens in emmetropization and the development of refractive error in childhoodPhD1992Adams
KarlaZadnikOcular component and refractive error development in childrenPhD1992Adams
DorisLinOxygen supply to the cornea of an open and closed eye wearing a contact lensPhD1992Fatt
JeffreyRabinNon-invasive studies of the human visual systemPhD1991Adams
MomiFuruyaRapid nonconjugate adaptation of vertical voluntary pursuit eye movementsPhD1991Martin Banks
SueLinTear protein analysis by capillary electrophoresisPhD1991Mendell
JeffEdelmanAnion transport mechanisms regulate fluid absorption across the RPEPhD1991Miller
GeraldGleasonRapid nonconjugate adaptation of vertical voluntary pursuit eye movementsPhD1991Schor
DaleAllenDevelopment of color vision in the human infantPhD1990Banks
FrankKooiThe analysis of two-dimensional luminance and color-motion perceptionPhD1990De Valois
CharlesLeahyCompositional development of contact lens depositsPhD1990Mendell
LeslieWelchAspects of motion processing revealed by the perception of moving patternsPhD1990Westheimer
BrookeSchefrinPsychophysical vision testing of sites of disease action secondary to diabeticsPhD1989Adams
PeterHowarthFlicker and the pupilPhD1989Bailey
HooverChanStudies on the binocular and equiluminant aspects of color visionPhD1989De Valois
Hai-WenChenQuantification of monocuilar space perception and metamorphosisPhD1989Enoch
DeborahOrel-BixlerSubjective and visual evoked potential measures of acuity in normal and amblyopic adults and childrenPhD1989Gunilla Haegerstrom-Portnoy
WillamHareSignal transfer at the outer plexiform layer of the retinal of the tiger salamanderPhD1989Owen
WayneVerdonVisual psychophysics of the human SWS pathwaysPhD1988Adams
ThomasRaachLateral masking and enhancement with spatially-periodic visual stimuliPhD1988Bailey
GarySavageScotopic contrast sensitivity: Real vs ideal performancePhD1988Banks
JamesNewacheckPredicting the effect of luminance and contrast on visual resolution from a post-contrast thresholdMS1988Haegerstrom-Portnoy
RobertDiMartinoFlexure of rigid contact lensesMS1988Mandell
BerntSkottunNeurophysiology and perception: Studies of the visual systemMS1987De Valois
AvijitChaudhuriAspects of metastable apparent motionPhD1987Glaser
JosephBannanoIn vivo studies of human corneal pHPhD1987Polse
LeonMcLinTarget size and luminance effects on accommodation and vergenceMS1987Schor
MarcosSerra-OllerPattern of interhemispheric connections in neocortex of mice with congenital deficiencies of the callosal commisureMS1987Van Sluyters
IzumiOhzawaBinocular organization of cat visual cortexPhD1986Freeman
AryRamoaInhibitory and excitatory processes contributing to the response properties of neurons in the cat's visual cortexPhD1986Freeman
TracyTseutakiInteraction between accommodation and vergence: Effects of adaptationPhD1986Schor
NancyColettaInfluence of surround adaptation on flicker sensitivityPhD1985Adams
StuartRicherA colorimetric model for predicting chromatic and brightness discrimination of filter-corrected dichromatsMS1985Adams
VenguLakshminarayananThe Stiles-Crawford effect in aniridiaPhD1985Enoch
MelvinO'NealIn vivo assessment of mechanisms controlling corneal hydrationPhD1985Polse
JohnKotulakThe stimulus to accommodation and its effect on the vergence systemPhD1985Schor
GarySclarStudies of normal and abnormal function in the visual cortexPhD1984Freeman
RoyBakerComputer-assisted refractionPhD1984Marg
RoderickKeenerLong-term change and diurnal variations in orthokeratology and conventionally-fit contact lens patientsMS1984Polse
CarolWestallInteractions between optokinetic and vestibular systems in strab amblyopia and their dev in infancyPhD1984Schor
ShirinBearezInputs and the interaction between inputs into the pupilMS1984Stark
AshbyJonesObservations on eye movements during scanning and readingPhD1984Stark
VenkiNarayanOculomotor performance and visual fatiguePhD1984Stark
MichaelFendickMechanisms subserving visual stimulus localization and vernier acuityPhD1984Westheimer
RaymondApplegateAperture effects on phototropic orientation properties of human photoreceptorsPhD1983Adams
GunillaHaegerstrom-PortnoySpatial sensitization properties of the SWS pathways of the human eyePhD1983Adams
RobertMcGarveySpatio-temporal threshold effectsMS1983Cohn
ArthurBradleyPsychophysical studies of amblyopiaPhD1983Freeman
GeorgeJastrebskiDynamics of visual acuity in children: A model for treatment and prevention of stimulus deprivation amblyopiaPhD1982Marg
RafaelMalachEffect of cortical lesions upon OKN in normal and monocularly-deprived catsPhD1982Van Sluyters
JamesMarronVisual skills and orientation-mobility performance in low visionMS1981Bailey
DanielGreenhouseSaccadic suppression of flash detectionPhD1981Cohn
DonaldFreemanVisual acuity development and the sensitive period in cat and manPhD1980Marg
BarryWessmanReversal of the effects of corneal anoxia by oxygen breathingPhD1979Fatt
RobertKongElectrical responses of isolated single cones of the tiger salamanderPhD1979Werblin
RobertKenyonVergence eye movements in strabismus and amblyopiaPhD1978Stark
DavidLasleyA signal-detection analysis of human visual performancePhD1977Cohn
DavidKirshenVisual acuity and oculomotor control in amblyopiaPhD1977Flom
DavidGrishamBinocular vision, accommodation-convergenceMS1977Kerr
StevenWallerNo thesis — Degree awarded after comprehensive examinationMS1977Mandell
GlenMcCormackThe albino visual pathway defect and human strabismus1977Marg
KennethCiuffredaEye movements in amblyopia and strabismusPhD1977Stark
GeorgeHungInterpretation and physiological applications of higher degree kernel identification methodPhD1977Stark
DeborahAdlerEye movements, scanpaths, and dyslexiaPhD1976Stark
GaryLibermanDisjunctive eye movements in catsPhD1975Adams
PaulPeaseSpectral properties of monkey lateral geniculate cellsMS1975De Valois
SusanSchwartzInvestigation of rose factor KPhD1975Glaser
LarryThibosThe control of retinal intensity-response function by antagonistic receptive fieldsPhD1975Werblin
RobertKleinsteinSclera as outflow path for aqueous humorPhD1974Fatt
BrunoMarxAnalysis of localization and its relationship to resolution and recognitionPhD1974Freeman
AlbertScaiefStatic testing of ophthalmic glass lensesPhD1973Fatt
ThomasWileyChemical effects on stromal swellingPhD1973Fatt
RobertRandleVolitional control of visual accommodation through trainingPhD1973Stark
ArthurAfanadorEarly visual adaptation: A single-unit study in the in vivo goldfish retinaPhD1972Adams
GraemeWilsonThickness changes in the corneaPhD1972Fatt
CliftonSchorOculomotor and neurosensory analysis of amblyopiaPhD1972Flom
JimmieSaladinThe role of the ciliary mechanism in accommodationPhD1972Stark
Flow conductivity of the retina and its role in retinal adhesionMS1971Fatt
Astigmatic effects on visually evoked cortical potentialMS1971Marg
Preprocessing dental radiographs as an aid to visual interpretationPhD1971Stark
Visual acuity as a function of exposure durationPhD1971Westheimer
Rate of oxygen uptake by corneaMS1970Mandell
RalphFreemanThe oxygen consumption of the rabbit corneaMS1969Fatt
KentonKerrVergence-induced correspondence changes in anomalous retinal correspondencePhD1969Flom
KennethPolseEffects of reduced oxygen tension at the corneal surfacePhD1969Mandell
MiltonYorkGrowth of the corneaMS1969Mandell
DonaldMitchellSensory control of disjunctive eye movementsPhD1969Westheimer
ColinBlakemoreBinocular interaction in animals and humansPhD1968Barlow
EllenTakahashiEffects of flanking contours on visual resolution at foveal and near-foveal lociPhD1968Flom
MichaelHarrisonStability of the corneal thicknessMS1968Mandell
RogerWileySpatial aspects of human retinal scotopic interactionMS1968Westheimer
ClydeOysterThe analysis of retinal image motion by the rabbit retinaPhD1967Barlow
JamesWilcoxThe area of the cat's pupil as a function of the luminance of large stimulus fieldMS1967Barlow
JamesZacksTemporal summation in cat ganglion cells: Psychophysical studies of temporal summationMS1967Barlow
FrederickFinklerFlicker fusion and intraocular pressureMS1967Peters
HubertGoodwinEffect of ultra-sound on optic nerve functionPhD1964Marg
MortonSarverResidual astigmatism and contact lensesMS1962Westheimer
RichardHillNeurophysiological study of color vision in rabbitsPhD1961Marg
NilesRothElectrical potentials and accommodation of the rabbit eyePhD1961Marg
GordonHeathFlicker-fusion and luminosity functions in normal and dichromatic observersPhD1960Walls
DucoHamasakiNeurophysiological study of accessory optic tractPhD1959Marg
DarrellCarterStudies of visual fixation disparityPhD1957Marg
MertonFlomThe empirical longitudinal horopter in anomalous correspondencePhD1957Morgan
FrederickHebbardEye movements during fixation and fusionPhD1957Walls
SigmundSabinColor vision of squirrels - a histological studyMS1953Walls
ElwinMargThe pupillary near reflex: The relationship of pupillary size to accommodation, convergence, proximity, and fusionPhD1950Morgan
WiliamFleischmanPulfrich PhenomenaMS1950Walls


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