Tekjun Kim

Taekjun Kim, PhD

I’M FROM: Seoul, South Korea. Actually not Seoul, but you probably don’t know other cities in Korea.
BEFORE VS: I earned BA in Psychology and MA in Biopsychology at Seoul National University.
WHY I’M HERE When I was taking an undergraduate class, I could luckily have a chance to participate in electrophysiology experiments on cat visual cortex. The experience, which I made visual stimuli for myself and heard the sound of spikes from a live neuron, really impressed me. And the excitement of the day made me decide to become a neuroscientist. While I’m here, I will do my best to learn what it takes to be a good researcher.
MY RESEARCH Visual information processing in the central visual pathway is mediated by three main types of intercellular connections. These are feedforward, feedback, and horizontal connections. Most neurophysiological studies have been conducted in a perspective of feedforward connections assuming a hierarchical model. They revealed that convergent feedforward inputs determine size and structure of classical receptive fields (CRFs) of recipient cells in a higher level area. Non-feedforward connections are known to integrate visual information from outside the CRF and use this information to modulate the CRF activity. But relative roles of feedback and horizontal connections are not clear. My research interest is to figure out different functions for three major pathways in vision. In order to this, I measure single unit activity in cat visual cortex while specific visual or electrical stimulation is being applied to provide weighted activity from feedforward, feedback, and horizontal connections.
MY HOBBIES Listening to music, watching movies, enjoying a drink in a good company…