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Sahar Yousef
Minor Hall
Michael Silver Lab
I’M FROM: I was born in Berkeley, California and grew up in the East Bay.
BEFORE VS: I did my undergrad at UC Berkeley in Cognitive Science with an specialization in Neuroscience and Philosophy. I worked as an RA with Michael Silver’s lab and Mark D’Esposito’s lab. I served as President to multiple organizations, directed 2 international conferences, and co-founded a startup that I’ve since passed on to someone else.
WHY I’M HERE: The question to ask here is, “How could I not?” The best institution. Exceptional faculty and curious minds. World-renowned, fearless research. I smile on my walk to campus everyday. Who could ask for more? Disneyland should rethink its motto–UC Berkeley is the happiest place on Earth.
MY RESEARCH: I’m a 5th year PhD candidate in Vision Science doing research in the field of cognitive neuroplasticity with Dr. Michael Silver (UC Berkeley) and Dr. Anthony Chen (UCSF and the VA). My work is on cognitive training, which aims to improve functions like attention and memory, as well as to understand the mechanisms and efficacy of cognitive training tools and applications.
MY HOBBIES: I’ve proudly served as a co-director, a current advisor, and a co-organizer of two grassroots organizations at Berkeley: Beyond Academia and Thriving in Science. Both organizations aim to educate PhD’s on their career options in and outside of academia and support them in their current careers as early scientists. I’ve co-founded three courses at UC Berkeley through the DeCal program, including a course on meditation that I’ve been facilitating for 7 years. I like to give workshops and teach when I can. Most recently I’ve given workshops on networking and professional development for PhD’s and cognitive training and productivity for undergraduates.

I enjoy good coffee and great conversation or great coffee and good conversation.

For up to date info and contact: www.saharyousef.com