Michael Hadley, MS

I’M FROM: Somerville, New Jersey, USA
BEFORE VS: I studied computational neuroscience (whatever that is) at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, USA
WHY I’M HERE: My undergrad advisor fed stories to me about Berkeley, so it was pretty much a done deal when I was accepted. The faculty, the weather, SF, take your pick.
MY RESEARCH: I’m working on mapping out the functional connectivity of the retina. The amount we know about the retina is awe-inspiring, and yet, no one has effectively brought that knowledge to bear in an effort to building the retina in silicone. I’m starting small – isolating a single retinal circuit (the directional selective circuit) – and integrating experimental work with computational modeling to fully map out how exactly the retinal cells encode a function. I’m guided by the mantra – If you can’t build it, you don’t understand it.
MY DREAM: My deluded aspiration is to map out the entire retina and then use that knowledge to step into the cortex. Once the retina is completely understood, then we should know exactly what the inputs are to the first visual areas – making cracking the mystery of cortical connectivity a smidge easier.
MY HOBBIES: In my time that I’m not chained to my laptop for research, I chain myself to my laptop and work on crafting interactive experiences. It’s that or cooking.