Visual space perception; Virtual environments

Cortical adaptation and plasticity in response to vision loss

Visual neurophysiology; Computational neurosciences

The Effect of Neural Activity on the Assembly of Neural Circuits

Glaucoma, Diabetic Eye Disease

Gene therapy, inherited retinal degeneration, neurobiology of photoreceptors, signal transducing intermediates in the visual system

Central Visual Pathways: Systems and Computational Neuroscience

Understanding the Structure and Function of the Visual System

High resolution neuroscience in humans

Measuring and controlling neural activity in the retina

Mechanisms of pattern vision; Influence of abnormal visual development

Laser spectroscopy to study excited-state reaction dynamics in photoactive proteins and to develop novel microfabricated chemical and biochemical analysis devices..

Computational models of sensory coding and visual perception

Retinal neurobiology and neurophysiology, retinal degeneration

Attention and Perception

High resolution retinal imaging, adaptive optics, physiological optics, limits of human vision

Neural correlates of human visual perception, attention, and learning

Psychophysical studies of spatio-chromatic patterns

Visual neuroscience, structure and function of retinal circuits, computational modeling

Mammalian Developmental Visual Neurobiology

Crowding and Ensemble Perception

Eye growth regulation, refractive development and myopia (short-sightedness) – application of molecular & neurobiology, advanced imaging, and tissue engineering tools towards understanding mechanisms & developing novel therapies.