BAVRD 2018 Posters

This year's BAVRD will feature the following posters.

Zeynep Basgoze, UC Berkeley
Response instruction effects in evaluating perceptual bistability.

Steven Cholewiak, UC Berkeley
Driving accommodation with rendered eye aberrations.

David Peterzell, UC Berkeley (Visiting)
3 posters total: (1) Individual variability in simultaneous contrast for color and brightness: small-sample factor analyses reveal separate induction processes for short and long flashes; (2) Orientation tuning for luminance and stereopsis: Factor analysis of individual differences in contrast and disparity thresholds; (3) On the possible relativity of spatial-frequency-tuned stereoscopic processes underlying disparity threshold functions: A study of individual differences.

Jeff Mulligan, NASA
Discovery of activities via statistical clustering of fixation patterns.

Lauren Barghout, Vision Science Alum
Fuzzy Logic applied to Computer and Human Vision: Summary of work as Visiting Scholar with Lotfi Zadeh, EECS (2014 ~ 2017).

Mathew Summers, UC Berkeley
Synpatic basis of velocity tuning in direction selective ganglion cells.

Matteo M.E. Metruccio, UC Berkeley
Contact lens wear can trigger clandestine parainflammation in mice.

Lindsay Fague, UC Davis
Debris Accumulation Coincides With Axonal Degeneration and Myeloid Cell Influx after Optic Nerve Crush in Xenopus Laevis.

Shazib Haq, UC Berkeley
Geometrical Structure of Dichromat Color Space in the Yellow-violet and Light-dark Plane.

Stacey Seidl, UC Davis
Coordinated Brain Activity in Executive Control Networks during Motor Preparation.

Vincent Nieto, UC Berkeley
How the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa moves from the surface areas of the cornea to deeper layers where it can cause disease.

Melinda Grosser, UC Berkeley
In vivo imaging of Pseudomonas aeruginosa gene expression on mouse contact lenses.