Bay Area Vision Research Day (BAVRD)


September 9th, 2022

The Bay Area Vision Research Day (BAVRD) is a one-day research conference devoted to bringing the vision research community of the Bay Area together in order to present and to discuss new and exciting findings in the fields of ophthalmology, optometry, biology, neuroscience, visual psychophysics, and computer vision. What distinguishes BAVRD from other conferences is that it is primarily organized and run by graduate students from the Vision Science Graduate Group at the University of California, Berkeley. This year marks the 34th annual BAVRD.

Keynote Speaker: Jacob Yates

Featuring Speakers: Aparna Lakkaraju, Jay Stewart, Daisy Shu, Sunwoo Kwon, Xiaomo Chen, Yubei Chen.


Join us for our one day hybrid conference. Registration includes access to Zoom links for our morning speakers, and invitations to the afternoon in-person poster sessions and evening wine reception.

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Submit an Abstract

Authors of selected abstracts will have the opportunity to showcase their work in an afternoon poster session following the main talks. In addition, six abstracts will be selected for virtual lightning talks during the event. All applicants are expected to be able to attend on the day of the event in person on the Berkeley campus.

The deadline for abstract submissions is September 1, 2022.
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Information for Presenters

Given the interdisciplinary nature of the conference, we are striving to maximize communication across disciplines. To do this, we need your help. We ask that you try to minimize the amount of jargon and mathematics that could be potentially confusing to individuals outside your discipline, and provide clear and intuitive explanations for concepts.

Lighting Talks

Lightning talks are 5 minutes long, followed by a few minutes of questions from the audience.


Posters are expected to be 34 inches x 53 inches in landscape format. Tape will be provided onsite. At least one author is expected to present the poster during the session. Use large fonts, and minimal text. Text on posters should be comfortable to read at 5 feet away.


Address 2299 Piedmont Ave, Berkeley, CA 94720

This year's Bay Area Vision Research Day will be a one-day event with lectures on Zoom and an in-person poster session and reception at the International House.

The morning portion of the conference will take place virtually via Zoom. Our in-person poster session and wine reception will take place at Interernational House on the UC Berkeley Campus. Click below for the Google Maps location.

Where to Park for I-House
Where to Enter I-House

Zoom Links

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Featured Speakers and Abstracts

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8:00 - 1:40Virtual Speakers & Lightning Talks
8:00 - 8:05Sign in / Log in
8:05 - 8:10Introduction
8:15 - 8:40Speaker 1Daisy Shu (Harvard)
"Dimethyl Fumarate Suppresses Inflammation and Metabolic Rewiring of the Retinal Pigment Epithelium"
8:45 - 9:10Speaker 2Jay Stewart (UCSF)
“Aqueous Transcriptome Analysis in the Conversion from Dry to Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration”
9:15 - 9:40Speaker 3Sunwoo Kwon (UC Berkeley)
"Dissociation Between Perception and Action: Unilateral V1-Stroke and its Impact on Predictive Eye Movements”
9:45 - 10:10Speaker 4Aparna Lakkaraju (UCSF)
“Ceramide as a Novel Therapeutic Target for Macular Degenerations”
10:15 - 10:25Lightning Talk 1Manoj Mohan Kulkarni
"The Rod Pathway Drives Aberrant Ganglion Cell Activity in the RD10 Retina"
10:25 - 10:35Lightning Talk 2Ananya Datta
"Contact Lens Induced Corneal Parainflammation Involving Ly6G+ Cell Infiltration Requires IL-17A and γδ T Cells"
10:35 - 10:45Lightning Talk 3Timothy Day (DnaLITE Inc.)
"Science to Entrepreneurship in the Gene Therapy Field"
10:45- 11:00Coffee Break
11:05 - 11:55Keynote SpeakerJacob Yates (UC Berkeley)
“Neural Mechanisms of Active Visual Processing”
12:00 - 12:25Speaker 5Xiaomo Chen (UC Davis)
"Neural Circuits for Cognitive Control in the Primate Brain"
12:30 - 12:55Speaker 6Yubei Chen (Meta AI)
“Seeking for the Principles of Unsupervised Representation Learning”
1:00 - 1:10Lightning Talk 4Hannah Doyle
"Boosting 2-Photon Vision with Adaptive Optics"
1:10 - 1:20Lightning Talk 5So Goto
"Gene Expression Signatures of Contact Lens-Induced Myopia in Guinea Pig Retinal Pigment Epithelium"
1:20 - 1:30Lightning Talk 6Chris Kymn
"Learning Embeddings for Sparse Visual Features"
1:30 - 1:35Ending Message
1:40 - 3:00Break
3:00 - 3:30Check in at I-House
3:30 - 5:00Poster Session
5:00 - 6:30Wine Reception


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