Bay Area Vision Research Day (BAVRD)


September 17th 2021

The Bay Area Vision Research Day (BAVRD) is a one-day research conference devoted to bringing the vision research community of the Bay Area together in order to present and to discuss new and exciting findings in the fields of ophthalmology, optometry, biology, neuroscience, visual psychophysics, and computer vision. What distinguishes BAVRD from other conferences is that it is primarily organized and run by graduate students from the Vision Science Graduate Group at the University of California, Berkeley. This year marks the 33rd annual BAVRD.

Zoom Links

Use the links below to join the webinar and the social hour. Please see the schedule below for details.


Social Hour
Meeting ID: 986 6419 5765
Passcode: social


This year's Bay Area Vision Research Day will be a one-day virtual event.

Lightning Talk Competition

This year we will have a round of 5 minute presentation talks. We encourage Bay Area (and Bay Area-adjacent) scientists to present novel or unpublished data related to the study of vision. A winner will be selected for a prize! The deadline to submit a talk was September 10th.

Featured Speakers and Abstracts

Below is the list of BAVRD 2021 speakers. NOTE: Please bring red-green anaglyph glasses for the keynote presentation. If you are in Berkeley, there will be a number of such glasses on the door to office 506 in Minor Hall. Please help yourselves!


Start (PST)End (PST)Speaker
8:30 AM8:40 AMSign in/Log on
8:40 AM8:45 AMIntroductions
8:45 AM9:00 AMOpening Remarks: Dr. Flanagan
9:00 AM9:30 AM PMPresentation: Glenn Yiu
9:30 AM10:00 AMPresentation: Jennifer Li & Sara Thomasy
10:00 AM10:30 AMPresentation: Shruthi Karnam
10:30 AM11:00 AM Presentation: Rachel Kuperman
11:00 AM 11:15 AMBreak
11:15 AM11:45 AMPresentation: Sam Cooler
11:45 AM12:15 PMPresentation: Brittany Williams
12:15 PM12:45 PMPresentation: Ramkumar Sabesan
12:45 PM1:15 PMPresentation: Diana Do
1:15 PM1:35 PMBreak
1:35 PM1:45 PMLightning Talk: Pabita Dhungel
1:45 PM1:55 PMLightning Talk: Kamran Binaee
1:55 PM2:05 PMLightning Talk: Naren G Kumar
2:05 PM2:15 PMLightning Talk: So Goto
2:15 PM2:25 PMLightning Talk: Nikhil Bhatla
2:25 PM2:35 PMLightning Talk: Kartik Chandra
2:35 PM2:45 PMBreak
2:45 PM3:15 PMPresentation: Santani Teng
3:15 PM3:45 PMPresentation: Joy Geng
3:45 PM4:15 PMPresentation: Tim Sweeny
4:15 PM5:00 PMKeynote Lecturer: Martin Banks
5:00 PM5:30 PMBreak
5:30 PM7:00 PMSocial! Lightning talk winners.

Social Hour: 5:30pm-7pm

Please join us for a social hour to mingle with peers and colleagues! We invite all attendees to create a vision science themed cocktail and present their cocktail to the group. Best vision science cocktail wins a prize! Additionally, we will play a round of vision science themed trivia. Showcase your creative cocktails and vision science knowledge all in one evening!
Meeting ID: 986 6419 5765
Passcode: social

BAVRD Zoom Background

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