Bay Area Vision Research Day (BAVRD)


September 13, 2019

The Bay Area Vision Research Day (BAVRD) is a one-day research conference devoted to bringing the vision research community of the Bay Area together in order to present and to discuss new and exciting findings in the fields of ophthalmology, optometry, biology, neuroscience, visual psychophysics, and computer vision. What distinguishes BAVRD from other conferences is that it is primarily organized and run by graduate students from the Vision Science Graduate Group at the University of California, Berkeley. This year marks the 31st annual BAVRD.


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This year's Bay Area Vision Research Day will take place at the International House on the UC Berkeley campus.

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Poster Presentations

Every year the Bay Area Vision Research Day holds a poster session where we encourage researchers throughout the Bay to present novel data, or unpublished data recently presented related to the study of Vision. The deadline for poster submission is August 31st.

Poster Submission

Speakers and Abstracts

We are in the process of adding abstracts now. Check back soon for the full list of speakers and abstracts.

Lightning Talks

Posters Accepted

We will be adding to this list of posters as we receive them. Please check back soon for a full listing.

Alexandre Tiriac, UC Berkeley MCB
Development of Direction Selectivity Maps

Franklin Caval-Holme, UC Berkeley
Gap Junction Coupling Shapes the Encoding of Light Intensity in the Developing Retina

Shereen Chew, UCSF Ophthalmology
In Vitro Analysis of Human Retinal Organoid Development Using Timed Notch Inhibition

Matthew Summers, UC Berkeley MCB
Synaptic Basis of Velocity Tuning in Direction Selective Circuits

Chandan Singh, UC Berkeley EECS
Hierarchical Interpretations for Neural Network Predictions

Malak El-Quessny, UC Berkeley
Visual experience influences dendritic orientation while maintaining asymmetric wiring of the retinal direction selective circuit

Peter Borden, Jasper Ridge Inc.
Blue Blockers may adversely affect light-sensitive individuals

Cécile Vullings, Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute
Mapping the Binocular Scotoma in Macular Degeneration

Robert Zawadzki, UC Davis
Light Evoked Water Movement in the Outer Retina Investigated by Optical Coherence Tomography

Pengfei Zhang, UC Davis
Investigation of Rod Outer Segment Disc Shedding in vivo in Mouse with Optophysiological Signals Measured by OCT

Gregory McIntire, University of Nevada Reno
The Impact of Visual Discomfort on Face Processing

Lisa Lindquist, UNR
The Effect of Chromaticity Separation on Information Processing

Naity Bhatt, University of Minnesota
Classification Analyses of fMRI Data Can Predict Stimulus Color

Elise Harb, UC Berkeley
Habitual Indoor and Outdoor Activity of Myopic and Non-Myopic University Students in the United States and Norway

Kathleen Chirco, UC San Francisco
Creating an in vitro Leber congenital amaurosis model to study allele-specific genome editing

Jonathan Ramirez, UCSF Dept of Ophthalmology
Cell adhesion molecules to improve hydrogel-based retinal engineering

David Peterzell, JFK University
Individual Differences in Perceptual Organization: Rediscovering, Reanalyzing, and Reinterpreting Thurstone’s (1938-1957) Factor Analyses of Visual Data


9:00-9:10Opening Remarks
9:10-9:40Speaker 1: Hany Farid
9:45-10:15Speaker 2: Xin Duan
10:20-10:50Speaker 3: Na Ji
11:20-11:50Speaker 4: Ren Ng
11:55-12:25Speaker 5: Evan Feinberg
12:30-1:00Speaker 6: Stella Yu
2:00-2:20Lighting Talks
2:25-2:55Speaker 7: Laura Waller
3:00-3:30Speaker 8: Hillel Adesnik
3:35-4:05Speaker 9: Massimo Scanziani
4:10-4:40Keynote: Noah Goodman
4:45-5:00Closing Remarks
5:00 onwards Poster session & Reception (*at Minor Beach)

Continuing Education Credits

ODs can receive 6 miscellaneous CE credit hours for attending BAVRD. Please be sure to sign in and sign out to receive CE credit hours for attending BAVRD.


Parking will be limited on campus.We do not offer parking passes for general BAVRD registrants. We strongly encourage people to use public transportation, or ride share options such as Uber and Lyft, to our conference which will be held at UC Berkeley’s International House. There will be limited first-come first-serve parking spots available at the Maxwell Parking Garage (also known as Stadium Parking Garage) near the International House. These parking spots must be paid for by the hour. Please reference UC Berkeley’s resources on parking for more information
Please note: We are not able to reimburse any parking tickets or costs for parking. All registrants are responsible for organizing and paying for their own transportation and parking costs.


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Event is ADA accessible. For disability accommodation requests and information, please contact Disability Access Services by phone at 510.643.6456 (voice) or 510.642.6376 (TTY) or by email at