Vision Science Symposium

Well done, VS student speakers!

The 2024 Vision Science Symposium took place at the Faculty Club on Wednesday, May 15th, 2024. A total of 80 graduates, friends, family, faculty, staff and other students in the Vision Science community gathered for this year’s VS symposium. There will be seven vision science PhD Students graduating this year. Six will commence later today: Victoria, Iona, Michele, Zhihang (Peter), and Alisa. Charlotte will graduate in the summer. Congrats to all!

VS Symposium Speakers

Iona McLean

Dissertation Title:Distortions in Wearable Optics: Comfort, Perception, and Adaptation
Advisor: Dr. Emily Cooper

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Zhihang (Peter) Ren

Dissertation Title: GAN-aided Serial Dependence Study in Medical Image Perception
Advisor: Drs. David Whitney & Stella Yu

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Michele Winter

Dissertation Title: Investigating the Spatiotemporal and Chromatic Tuning Properties of Visual Area V4 Neurons
Advisor: Dr. Jack Gallant

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Charlotte (Yiyi) Wang

Dissertation Title: Structure and Function in Normal and Diseased S-cone Photoreceptor Pathway
Advisors: Drs. Austin Roorda and William Tuten

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