Science at Cal: Dr. Silver’s Lecture

An Inside Look: UC Berkeley’s Center for the Science of Psychedelics.

On Saturday September 10th, 2022, Professor Michael Silver presented a talk for the "Science at Cal" lecture series, on his research at UC Berkeley's new Center for the Science of Psychedelics.

Exactly two years ago, before the new Netflix documentary series, How to Change your Mind premiered, the UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics (BCSP) was founded to provide research, training, and public education on a long-standing taboo in our society: psychedelic drugs. BCSP brings together researchers from across disciplines, including neuroscience, psychology, education, journalism, and molecular biology.

During his lecture, Dr. Silver provided an overview of the burgeoning center and its work to better understand the fundamental properties of the mind, brain, and body through psychedelics. He also explored BCSP’s role in destigmatizing the use of psychedelic drugs through evidence-based, objective journalism and education, and discussed the BCSP’s plans to give back to the Indigenous communities that have served as stewards of plant and fungal medicines for millennia.

Learn more about Dr. Silver's work in his "Science at Cal" lecture, video linked below.

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