New Paper from Dr. Otero-Millan

Photo by Natus Medical Inc.
"Modeling the Effect of Gravity on Periodic Alternating Nystagmus"

Dr. Jorge Otero-Millan — Assistant Professor of Clinical Optometry & Vision Science — and colleagues, have published a new paper in the Journal of Neurological Sciences, on "Modeling the Effect of Gravity on Periodic Alternating Nystagmus" (PAN): a rare oscillatory ocular motor disorder.

"The effects of gravity on the dynamic behavior of PAN can be studied by monitoring the nystagmus while changing head orientation. Previous studies of patients with PAN reached different conclusions about the effect of changing the orientation of the head relative to gravity on the ongoing PAN, either no effect or a damping of the nystagmus within several minutes.

What neuronal circuits could account for the difference in the effects of gravity among PAN patients? We modeled how the brain resolves the tilt-translation ambiguity in normal individuals and added an unstable, oscillatory vestibular system generating PAN..."

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