Levi Lab Featured in NPR Article

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On emerging treatments for amblyopia.

Professor Dennis Levi was recently featured in an article by National Public Radio (NPR) on emerging treatments for amblyopia. Traditional treatment for amblyopia often involve use of eye patches, where the stronger eye is covered with an eye patch to force the brain to rely on the weaker eye. Innovative researchers are exploring new methods to enhance informational processing by both eyes, such as the virtual reality treatment methods currently being developed in the Levi Lab.

"For lasting improvement, new therapies need to teach the brain to stop suppressing key visual cues coming from the weaker eye, says neuroscientist Dennis Levi of the University of California, Berkeley. 'You have to get used to paying attention to that information and using it,' Levi says. Researchers like Levi are working on ways to encourage both eyes to work together."
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