Grant and Patent for Gronert/Flanagan Collab

Professor Karsten Gronert has been awarded one of eight 2023 Shaffer Research Grants from the Glaucoma Research Foundation.

The goal of the 1-year project is to establish proof of concept that a recently identified neuroprotective signal from retinal astrocytes (Lipoxin B4) mediates its protective actions in glaucomatous neurodegeneration by controlling and maintaining the healthy-housekeeping functions of the resident immune cell (microglia) in the retina.

The project builds on a collaborative NEI funded glaucoma research program between the Gronert and Karsten Gronert, John Flanagan and Jeremy Sivak were awarded a US patent in fall 2022 for Lipoxin and Lipoxin Analogue Mediated Neuroprotection. The invention is the use of lipoxins and lipoxins based drugs for inhibiting or preventing neurodegeneration in the retina and/or brain. Congrats to all and good luck the rest of the way with this exciting project!

About the Photo

Photo Title: Ocular Hypertension Induces Microglia Reactivity in the Optic Nerve.
RNAscope and Immunohistochemistry image of an optic nerve from a mouse with ocular hypertension (microglia are stained green).