Celebrating Diwali with Pabita

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Monday, October 24th, was the start of the 5-day long Diwali celebration.

See below for a message from Vision Science Student, Pabita Dhungel.

"Hindu people celebrate Diwali across the globe in different ways. It is one of the most important festivals within Hinduism. Where I am from, we celebrate Diwali for five days in the victory of good over evil.

On the first day, we pray to crows as a messenger of God, the second day is for praying to dogs. (Nepal is the only country in the world where they pray to dogs for their loyalty and guard of the house). On the third day, we worship cows as a symbol of prosperity and for their love for us by providing milk. On the fourth day, we worship ourselves as there is a God who resides inside us, being the witness of all good and bad we do. We try to clean our soul and promise to be good to offer good to it. On the last day, we worship our brothers for their longevity and prosperity, and the brothers also worship their sisters and offer gifts.

This festival is celebrated with many home and shrine decorations, colors, flowers, lights, and firecrackers. People gather together in each other's houses and play music and dance. We also make special kinds of good sweets, desserts, and food. Family members gather in one place and celebrate it by offering gifts and prayers to God and each other."

- Pabita.

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