Vivek Labhishetty, PhD

Post-Doctoral Researcher
Application of Vision Science in virtual and mixed reality display systems


University of Waterloo, PhD, Optometry & Vision Science, 2017
University of Waterloo, M.Sc., Optometry & Vision Science, 2014
Bausch & Lomb School of Optometry, LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, B.Sc. Optom, 2011

Research Interests

  • Visual Optics, Oculomotor mechanisms and modelling, Binocular Vision and Perception, Refractive error,
    and Psychophysics.
  • Natural Scene statistics of Blur.
  • Influence of blur and other perceptual cues on depth perception and oculomotor behavior.
  • Accommodation and vergence conflict.
  • Application of Vision Science in Light Field Display technologies.


Visual Optics, Visual development and Refractive error, Binocular Vision and Perception



Minor Hall Addition, Room 509
200 Optometry Lane
Berkeley, CA 94720-2020