Elise Harb

PhD Candidate
Human Behaviors & Vision


San Francisco, California


I served as an Associate Professor of Pediatric Optometry at the New England College of Optometry after having completed my Doctorate of Optometry and Master’s degree in Vision Science at that school.


To focus on my research career and develop the necessary skills for success. ​ In addition to working towards a PhD in Vision Science, I also just recently received a Masters degree in Epidemiology at the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley.


My research goal is to build a pathway towards independence as a clinician scientist. My dissertation project is focused on focused on better understanding human behaviors (e.g. near work and outdoor/indoor activity), by objectively and dynamically measuring them with wearable technologies, and the role they might play in refractive error development, namely myopia.


To be a successful and independent clinical scientist that influences evidence based practice.


I enjoy cooking, hiking, doing yoga, visiting local farmers markets, and traveling.


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2006 Harb,E., Thorn,F., & Troilo, D. “Characteristics of accommodative behavior during sustained reading in emmetropes and myopes.” Vision Research. 46(16).2581-2592.


UC Berkeley Myopia Research Group
588 Minor Hall
Berkeley, CA