Eda Calapkulu

Vision Science


Izmir, Turkey


I completed my undergraduate studies at University of Georgia where I studied Psychology with a concentration on Neuroscience. Then, I studied Neuroscience (specialising in Neurodegeneration) and earned my MSc degree from King's College London. Following my MSc, I worked as a research assistant at Dr. Brian Hafler's Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences Lab at Yale University, focusing on diseases as macular degeneration, glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa to identify novel therapeutic approaches.


I am passionate about studying human disease mechanisms and understanding the underlying causes. I have been focusing on studying the pathogenesis of different eye disorders for the past 1.5 years and want to continue in this field. This multidisciplinary Vision Science program at UC Berkeley will aid me in meeting my goals in translational research.


My research at King's College London focused on phenotypes of glia, especially astrocytes, in different stages of ALS.

During my time at Yale University, my main project used single-cell RNA sequencing along with various techniques to compare data from healthy, AMD, Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis samples in order to identify a shared neurodegenerative glial signature in various stages of disease progression.

My other research project focused on examining mechanisms of muller glia and comparing the transformation of ganglion cells in normal and glaucomatous retina. And finally, I worked with a biotechnology company to test mutation-agnostic therapies to treat Retinitis Pigmentosa.


My past and present experiences have enhanced my interest in studying cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying neurological and retinal disorders. My main career goal is to be able to do translational work. I wish to pursue significant unanswered questions in this field and hope that my future work not only helps to understand the eye theoretically, but also has an impact on the patients' lives.


I love baking, painting, exploring art museums and exhibitions, reading a variety of genres, discovering new cities and cultures, and spending quality time with my family.